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Why WhatsApp Group Chats Are Better Than Tailwind Tribes AND Facebook Groups

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I am about to let you in on a little secret that literally NO ONE ELSE is talking about right now… and its called using WhatsApp Group Chats for Pinterest Marketing!

But before I get into that, let’s chat a little bit about the current popular alternatives for Pinterest RePin Groups. The ones that are, to simply put it… Outdated and Expensive. Let’s begin…



Facebook Groups for Pinterest RePins

So if you didn’t already know, there are some Facebook Groups out there that can be a really great place for Bloggers and other Digital Marketers to post their Pinterest Pins in order to get engagement on them. Basically, the Moderator starts a new thread every day, and then everyone else adds their Pins to it. They ideally engage on a set number of other peoples Pins as well. While this is not organic engagement at first, it does trick Pinterest into thinking people really like your Pin, which then later equates into more organic engagement after.


Tailwind Tribes for RePins

There are also Tailwind Tribes. Which I am not going to get too much into right now, but right off the bat, it costs money. However there are a lot of other great features that make Tailwind worth the fees. But when it comes to Tribes, it only allows you to Post up to 30 Pins (on the Basic $119/year Plan) per Month to a Tribe. Essentially, the Tribe then does the same thing that the people in the Facebook Groups do as well.


Why These Secondary Communities Are Great

What works out so well about this, is that engagement can come in multiple forms, and all forms help with Pinterests Algorithms.  On top of that, everyone can help out with at least 1 form of engagement on any given Pin. As a Pin can either be Clicked Through, Saved/RePinned, or Commented on. However, you should always RePin any Pins that fit in your niche and you have relatable Boards to Pin them to.

But what if you don’t?

Well then you can still simply Click Through (and ideally stay on the persons page for a bit or scroll down or maybe even click another link on that page for best engagement! 😉 OR you can Comment. All of these things help, but RePinning AND a Click Through is always the most ideal if you can!


Remember that you get what you give in Groups like these!


So Whats The Problem?

Well first off, the above Facebook method only works well with some heavy Group Moderation going on, AND someone creating a new Thread everyday. Not saying that there aren’t Facebook Groups where this exists, but there are MANY that do not. Which ultimately is just one big Spammy pointless mess and a complete waste of your time! In addition to this, you also MUST be ACTIVELY browsing on Facebook to participate. You must go seek these Groups and these Posts out. Every. Day.

The problem with Tailwind is simply that you only share 30 per month. In addition to that, RePinning is not always very quick. Sometimes a Pin can sit there for weeks without ever getting a RePin. The only REAL thing Tailwind Tribes have going for it is the Automated Moderation… to an extent.


So How Are WhatsApp Group Chats Better?

With a WhatsApp Group Chat it makes this entire process more Mobile, more Seamless, more Constant, AND less work needed from a Group Moderator! (although not completely eliminated)

Everyone Simply Posts their Pins to the WhatsApp Group Chat. Unlike Facebook, everyone will get a notification instantly more so like a Text notification.

In addition to that, when you click a Pin within WhatsApp it automatically opens it up in the Pinterest App!

Its like WhatsApp Group Chats were meant for Pinterest sharing groups or something!

Everyone goes in RIGHT THEN and clicks on your Pin to start engaging. Unlike Tailwind Tribes, you start getting Click Throughs, RePins, and Comments on your Pins right away! There is no waiting 24 hours to see the full effects from members of a Facebook Group or waiting Weeks for the results from a Tailwind Tribe!

Not to mention you don’t have to wait for the Moderator to start a new Thread every day! It is just one continues flow.

Also, if you ever don’t want Notifications On, you can simply Mute the Group Chat and just catch up on Pins when you ever choose to.

Did I mention that it is Completely FREE?!

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WhatsApp Group Chats for Pinterest RePinning Marketing SEOWhatsApp Group Chats for Pinterest RePinning Marketing SEO

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