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The Best Facebook Groups for Digital Nomads  

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By now it's no secret that Facebook Groups CAN be a great way to Promote your Content. Whether it's to Promote a new Blog Post, YouTube Video, eBook, etc. or maybe to Grow your Social Media with ReTweets and RePins on Twitter and Pinterest, or Follows and Likes on just about any other Social Platform.

However, if a Facebook Group isn't Maintained and Moderated by AT LEAST one Admin, they are almost guaranteed to become a bottomless pit of spammers and junk links. Sometimes it takes a whole team of people helping Moderate a Facebook Group in order to maintain its value for its Group Members. Simply put, if a Facebook Group just lets ANYONE post a link to their Blog or YourTube video freely, then it just turns into a pool of people posting their links, but not sharing or engaging with anyone else's. In other words... an utterly complete waste of your time.

Which is why we have put together this...

List of The Best Facebook Groups for Digital Nomads!

While not all of these Facebook Groups are geared specifically towards Digital Nomads & Travel Bloggers, they are all still very helpful with Promoting Content and Growing Your Audience, no matter what Niche you are in.

1. Digital Nomads Social Sharing Group

This is actually the only Group that is 100% Dedicated to all things Digital Nomads. Sharing each others Blog Posts, Pinterest Pins, Tweets and more from both Travel Blogs and eBusiness Blogs alike. There is also a bit of a Lifestyle Niche since being a Digital Nomad IS a Lifestyle. The group is heavily Moderated for Spam and makes sure all Group Members are doing their part to Share other peoples Content whenever posting Content of their own. Each day of the week there is a different Activity to participate in, whether its Click Throughs & RePins on Pinterest Pins, ReTweets on Twitter, or Follows and Likes on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers

This Group is strictly for Pinterest, however it is a powerful one! It does Daily Posts specifically for gaining RePins & Click Throughs on your Pinterest Pins and requires at least 20 Click Throughs from each member. While it is a Mixed Niche Group, this Group offers endless Click Throughs to your Website via your Pinterest Pins, which are great to receive from anyone in any Niche! However, there are also a lot of Travel Bloggers in the Group to RePin Content with. Also this Group does a great job at Moderating, to make sure people are actually sharing other peoples Content.

3. Pinterest Pals

This Group is similar to Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers, in that it is a Mixed Niche and Only for Pinterest. However, this one is a bit simpler and more basic. The Moderation is good, however the engagement you receive seems to be a little bit less since they do a straight forward "Post 1 Pin and RePin 6 others" method and do not mention anything to its members about doing Click Throughs.

4. Becoming a Blogger

This is a Mixed Niche Group that designates a different day of the week with a post that encourages people to gain Followers or Likes on a different Social Media platform for each day. The Moderation is done well, however the Daily Activities are a bit basic with a pretty straight forward "Share 1 Social and Follow 3 others" method. However still recommended and valuable.

5. Blogging for New Bloggers

This is another Mixed Niche Group that also has a wide range of Social Sharing options. Each day they make a designated Post for Members to Share their Content or Gain Followers on. They go through Twitter, Facebook, Blog Posts, RePins, etc and expect people to Share or Engage with 3 - 5 other Members for each piece of Content you Share. The thing that makes this Group different, is that they also occasionally let their members Post on the Main Wall. Since this is only during certain times and (im sure) is Moderated for anything that seems to Spammy, it seems to work out well. People see your Wall Posts and it gets a bit of engagement.


If you have any other Facebook Groups that we should know about, be sure to Comment them Below and we will consider them for addition to the Master List on the actual Main Websites Blog Post!

Posted : 13/07/2020 6:39 pm