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7 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Support The BLM Movement… Without Even Leaving Your House!

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In regards to the Black Lives Matter Movement, by now you must be well aware of what is going on around the World. At this point, there is no need for a whole introduction paragraph, complete with an extensive back story on the issue.

However, what there is a need for, is some answers as to where we are heading within our society as a whole? Perhaps what is even more important, is the question of how can we ACTUALLY get there?!

With that being said, (and in light of this 2nd wave of Corona Virus) I have put together this list of 6 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Support The Black Lives Matter Movement… WITHOUT Even Leaving Your Home!

Which means, that there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for you to say that you feel like you can not do anything…

Even as a Middle Aged White American Male…

And even if you are laying on your death bed with the Corona Virus. (Which I really hope you are not, and god bless you if you are!)

But yes, that means everyone Can. Do. Something… So lets get to work…

1. Donate To a Cause

While the proceeding options are a bit more creative, we’ll start with the most obvious and straight forward option… Donating to a cause.

Since the re-spark of the BLM Movement, there have been a number of Organizations that have either freshly popped up or have come back into the spotlight. Below is a quick list of just some of those places accepting donations.

While I can not tell you which ones currently need funding the most, as those numbers are always changing, I can tell you that no matter which one you choose, your money will be going directly towards the fight against racism.

  1. Black Lives Matter
  2. Black Visions Collective
  3. Reclaim the Block
  4. Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
  5. NAACP Legal Defense Fund
  6. American Civil Liberties Union
  7. National Bail Fund Network
  8. National Police Accountability Project
  9. Know Your Rights Camp

As for local charities, we have lists specifically for 3 of the largest cities in The States right here…

  1. Los Angeles
  2. NYC
  3. Chicago

Outside of the US, there are also a number of Organizations to choose from. Including…

  1. Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust
  2. Stand Up To Racism
  3. Green & Black Cross

You can check out this list of amazing Organizations doing some GREAT work in the city of London as well.

Bonus: There is also an App that has pledged to match any donations that are given through their platform until the end of August.

2. Buy a Book From a Black Author

While this is probably not mentioned many other places, it is a very simple action that you can take RIGHT NOW to directly help out a member of the Black Community. Not only that, but you will also receive something physical in return this time.

Amazon actually has a list of Books by Black Authors available for you Right Here to make your life a lot easier when browsing for that book you didn’t even know you wanted to read right now.

Bonus: Depending on which book you decide to buy, you may actually educate yourself and learn a thing or two about this very movement in and of itself, with the book you choose. Don’t forget, there are also eBooks too!

3. Sign A Petition

While there are many petitions out there to be signed (and we urge you to sign as many as you can, as it really can help at no cost to you!) we have found a few that narrowed down their focus to some particularly important names within this movement right now.

  1. George Floyd
  2. Breonna Taylor
  3. Ahmed Arbery
  4. Belly Mujinga

There are also 2 Google Docs floating around that contain petitions and other resources that can help you help them. And those are both located here and here.

4. VOTE!

Yes, I know you have heard it before. But now, more so than ever, your vote can really help to change something that affects so many people on a daily basis. While I know you have heard that before as well, consider this…

Currently within the United States there are many campaigns going on  in order to get people to Register to Vote. However I bet you have never put much thought into WHO you Register to Vote with. While ultimately this doesn’t really matter, as long as you DO get out there to Vote, the additional information you receive from these organizations will vary.

The difference is, when you choose to Register to Vote via a specific Organization, that stands for a specific cause. You are essentially giving your contact information to that organization AND allowing them to reach out to you in the future regarding anything that is going on within their Organization.

So, with that being said, give your information to the people you care about most. In this case, you can Register to Vote via the Black Lives Matter Organization and simultaneously stay up to date with the things going on within the BLM Movement as a whole.

Bonus: You can also use this search function to find your local congressional representative and reach out to them directly!

Within the UK, you can find your local MP’s record on all racial issues using a website called TheyWorkForYou. Which is also an easy and free way for you to contact your MP and ask them to take action on the issues that matter SO much to SO many around the world.

5. Support Black Owned Businesses

While there are many Black Owned Online Businesses out there, this one in particular can actually be done both within the home AND when venturing out.

You can find lists of Black Owned Businesses within your area all over the internet now. And while we can not speak for every single person in every single city, we did find some lists of Black Owned Businesses in the following major US cities…

  1. NYC
  2. Miami
  3. Chicago
  4. Los Angeles
  5. London

Bonus: There is even an app to help you find Black Owned Restaurants in at least 13 different US cities and growing.

6. Show Your Solidarity on Social Media

The biggest example of this took place on June 2, 2020 with the #BlackoutTuesday Instagram Movement. But then like all great things… the haters ensued.

Many people were able to find problems with others showing their support on Social Media, and some of them were arguably legitimate. However, the end game is the same. Show your support, and others will follow. At the end of the day, spreading the message, regardless of how large or how little, helps in some type of way.

Sure, some will argue that people use it as a “cop out” to look like they are showing support, while not actually taking greater actions to help the cause. While this may even be true for some people, the over all message is not ruined by them in anyway. So why not just let them be?

A little bit of support is a whole lot better than no support at all, amirite?!

7. Talk To Your Kids

Remember, it starts within the home.

Perhaps the most important and directly effective thing you can do, is TALK TO YOUR KIDS!

If you already thought of this but are saying to yourself, “I will when the time is right” then i’m sorry, but you are already completely blowing it!

The time is RIGHT… RIGHT NOW! There literally could not be a better time! So add it to your list!


In Conclusion…

While there are still many other things you can do to help fight the good fight, I hope this list serves as a solid starting point for every single person who reads it. I honestly really do hope you will take action on at least a few of these, before the next time you even set foot outside of your house.

And then, I hope you continue that momentum while out of your house as well. Practice Social Distancing, but attend a peaceful protest. Talk with others about the way they feel, but try to do more listening than talking. Talk to the Police, (even if you “HATE” them) because they are human too. Many of which may (surprisingly) be on your side of this Movement as well.

Regardless of what we can do now, we still do have A LOT further to go! No one thing in particular is going to cause the change that we so desperately need to see in the world. But neither does giving up, so can we at least agree not to do that?

I for one, know that I want to live in a world where we don’t have to say Black Lives Matter. It should just be an obvious given. But the sad reality is that we are not living in that world… yet.

However, I at least wanted to take a moment of my time to speak to my fellow believers and say, that your protests ARE being seen and your voices ARE being heard. And I encourage every single one of you to keep pressing hard on with what you are doing. Because at the end of the day, no matter how you put it, #BlackLivesREALLYDOMatter


Did we leave something out? Have a question for us?

Let us know your thoughts regarding the BLM Movement and what we can do as a society to improve it.

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