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At less than $3 per month, BlueHost is the best service to get started with whether your starting a Blog, eCommerce Store, Affiliate Marketing, Funnels, etc. Anything you do, you will want to have your OWN Hosting and use an proper INSTALLED Version of WordPress (not The reason BlueHost is the best for all this is because they actually install WordPress for you, AND they give you a FREE .com Domain Name. Literally everything you need to get started, and all set up for you!


Website Themes


Free and Paid Envato Themes for Website Blog eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Funnels

The next thing you will need is a Theme. Sure you can use a Free one, but it real really limits yourself and ultimately you will end up frustrated. These Themes from Envato make everything SUPER Simple to do, and allow you do to everything you are probably hoping and imaging your website to do right now. They are EASILY the #1 Market Place for Themes and they have TONS of options to pick from. You can spend a couple bucks or a few hundred. I would recommend getting anything in the $40-$200 range though personally. Depending on your starting Budget