Ways to Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Best Ways to Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

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4 Ways to Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

When it comes to saving money, there are A LOT of different things you could do. However, some will take more time or energy than what they are really worth. While others will completely change your daily lifestyle. Below is a short list of the 4 BEST Ways to Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle…

1. Automate Your Savings

While physically saving money may seem like an obvious thing to do, it isn’t always the easiest for some people to do. However, there are automated Apps out there that make it not only easy, but literally mindless. Which is why I think this is one of the most underrated, yet important things you could do! In fact, I urge you to take out your phone right now, and download these Apps as you read this.

Acorns Investment App Auto Save Invest Trade Stocks
Download Acorns
Stash Investment App Auto Save Invest Trade Stocks
Download Stash
Robinhood Investment App Auto Save Invest Trade Stocks
Download Robinhood

Not only are they completely FREE to Sign Up for, but if you use the links provided, you will actually receive Free Money and/or Free Stocks! When I first found out about these Apps, I Signed Up for all 3 and turned on Automatic Deposits Immediately. I do not regret that decision, but that choice is up to you. They all do slightly different things, however the end result is the same… more money for you.  At the very least, I would download them just to get that initial free money. It’s literally 100% Free. Money.

Once you’re done downloading, you can set Automatic Deposits up from your Bank Account to the App. You set the amount and the frequency that you want it to make deposits, and let it go! Out of sight, out of mind, and just like that, your already saving money!

For instance, I set EACH App to Deposit $5 to my Account, once a week. So every week I was putting $15 towards my Travel Fund… without even noticing it happening! And the best part, is these Apps will even invest that money for you. So you can actually earn even more money on top of what you are saving.

Remember, you don’t have to start big at all. You will be surprised at how much, even a small amount, can add up to over time. Especially when you’re not even thinking about it. Regardless, you can change these amounts at any time with no restrictions at all, so don’t over think it.

2. Add Extra Income
Teach Kids English Online Easy Ways to Make Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Okay so I lied, this way of saving money could change your lifestyle up a bit. BUT, it doesn’t have to! Adding an extra income could mean a lot of different things. However, I am referring to something with relative ease, that can be added quickly, and will still let you keep your day job if you have one.

If you can, try to take something you already know how to do and teach other people how to do it. Such as Play Guitar, Learn to DJ, Edit in Photoshop, and the list goes on and on. You can try to find friends to teach these things to, or even better, you can find people online that want to learn these things. There are a bunch of different websites you can use to find these people. Below are just a few that I have used in the past and would recommend…

Now if you are still completely stuck on what skills you might have to teach people, then don’t worry. There are still many other things you can do. You can Drive for a Ride Share App or Deliver for a Delivery App. If you don’t have a car, you can Teach English Online. While this may sound new and odd to you, it allows you to work whenever you want from the comfort of your own home.

3. Pick a Credit Card That Works For You… Literally.
Rewards Traveler Credit Cards Easy Ways to Save Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Credit Cards can scare some people. Maybe you have never had one before, or maybe you have and messed it up. Either way, they don’t have to be scary. In fact they can quite literally be the exact opposite if you choose and use them correctly.

There are TONS of Credit Card options out there, and the deals they offer are also always changing. Just remember that there is no “perfect Credit Card.” They are all going to have Pros & Cons. Its not about finding “The Best” one, it’s about finding the one that FITS YOU the best.

Things to Consider When Picking a Credit Card…

  1. Identify what you ALREADY spend most of your money on. Find the cards that gives the most rewards for what you ALREADY spend on.
  2. Identify what you want to redeem your points for. Make sure the card that gives you the most for what you already spend on, also allows you to redeem your points for what you actually want to get.
    (You may very well be open to spending your points on lots of different things, which will make it a lot easier to choose. If that is the case then consider Step 1 as “more important.”)
  3. Evaluate any Annual or One Time Fees. Choose the one that will cost you the least, for however long you plan to have the card open.
  4. Evaluate any Sign Up Bonus’.  Many Credit Card Companies will offer a Sign Up Bonus. Pick the one that will benefit you most, but keep in mind any requirements they may have to receive the Sign Up Bonus.
  5. Pay off the Credit Card, in Full, every Month. I think this one is pretty obvious, so I wont go into the details too much. Just remember this AS YOU SPEND, not just at the end of every month.

Don’t let this overwhelm you. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out which is “The Best.” Over the years, you will probably Sign Up for more and more Credit Cards anyway. The idea here, is that even by just having ONE Credit Card working for you, you are already saving a whole lot more than if you had none… And you didn’t even have to change your lifestyle to save!

4. Sell Something(s)

This might seem like an obvious way to make some money, and it is. However, so many people talk about it, but don’t actually do it. And to be honest, if it’s going to take up a lot of your time, then I wouldn’t either. But the truth is, you may have some items that you don’t ever use, which will sell relatively quickly. An old phone or tablet could sell without you even having to get off Facebook! And for other items, you could take the extra step to list them on websites like Craigslist or even Facebook Market Place.

Like everything else, there are also TONS of Apps to Buy & Sell things online. Some Apps are more popular in certain parts of the world than others, but they are all Free to Download. So once you do, just check to see that other people have also recently posted stuff in your area. This way you know it is active.

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